I had a magical dream last night, i swear to God its true.
I dont understand its meaning, listen up for a possible clue.
I was training some people in Holland, I know cause someone spoke dutch.
My attire was wierd and funny, not my kind of style as such.
Grey suit, yellow waistcoat, sort sums it up.
Not the best outfit when going to a club.
I visited a market, hunting for nicnacs.
A cute trainee came too, she brought us both backpacks.
She wanted a diorama, that she had spotted there.
Unfortunately the stalls, were closing everywhere.
Openinghours ranging from midnight and till noon.
Especially on cloudy nights, lit by a full moon.
Stalls were closing, the old man packing up.
We had a good talk, but I had to stop.
The old indian man, owning this here stall,
Changed his appearance and also got quite tall.
In front of my very eyes, old became young.
The girls diorama in my hands he flung.
In there, a small figure, wearing waistcoat.
It kind of looked like me, next to an old boat.
The next bit is crazy, to that I will swear.
Last day of training was in my underwear.
3 days in the same suit, had made me go click.
That was my story of pointless magic.

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