13 hours plus from Ohrid to my home.
It was quite a journey, but I was not alone.
3 hours in a taxi with smoke and Balkan pop.
3 people ended in Skopje as their first stop.
Next leg was to Vienna and a schnitzel to devour.
Hanne had a meal so the mood did not turn sour.
Vienna to Copenhagen, was the last part on wings.
A train, a bus, a bit of walking amongst things.
A suitcase full of memories and a mood full of joy.
A wedding well executed, we partied, oh boy.
With hours full of dance and smile.
This will not be forgotten in a while.
With new friends made and old friends cought up.
A boattrip, a monastary, a stressed out waiter to top it up.
Stonebridge, Kale Castle, Alexandar on my list.
A trip of great adventure, and people I had missed.
In a minute or so, I’ll hug my kids once more.
To travel is to live, but best is the home shore.

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