I had a dream of unknown relatives from some time in my youth. I was back in my hometown and met all these weird and wonderful people. I was driving on the harbour with my youngest son on an ATV as he always wanted to do that. We met people there that just took us in.

They were family but I had never met them before. Each one had their traits and were fun and kind in their own weird way. 

My “uncle” was making a christmas cake of some kind, 20% apple and 60% flourdough. I asked what he was doing since the % didnt add up. The last 20% was love he said. He was puzzled I didnt know the recipy as the taste of this baked wonder was to die for. He described the crust how it would raise up and split open. His wife had hard feelings towards me, she kept saying “you didnt want my peas last time”. I didnt know what she was talking about, but had some thought in the back of my head telling me it was because they were frozen. 

In what seemed like a mixture of a playhouse and a mancave sat 3 other relatives. One sitting opposite me, asked me if I was on Bernie’s or Trump’s side. I said Bernie’s because I would like to base my choices on an informed basis, not assumptions like Trump.  He was very happy and replied to his companions “he is one of us”. The guy sitting to my left was a funny one, everything he said was with funny voices of cartoon or movie characters. I replied to one of his rants “there can be only one” from Highlander. And he was quite impressed. To my right there was a funny one, I couldn’t really figure her out as she was wearing a leathermask without mouth. Apparently she liked to chew up stuff so the others always had some chewtoys they could give her if the mask came off. I could just see through the goggles in her mask that she was wearing a thick black eyeliner. Even though all these people seemed strange, there was a sense of belonging and happiness. I woke up happy and urging christmas cake.

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