Life is an enormous ball, all you got to do is learn to dance.
I never caught up at all, no, life never offered me a chance.

So you left me standing here, with a feeling of great despair.
I miss your smiles and kisses, you were my little missus.

My bearded smile is chipped, cause you always cracked me up.
Now I’m crying like a whipped, cause you wouldn’t really stop.

Life isn’t really fair, when balls are thrown at your face.
You are now lying there, split head and a broken glaze.

I’m left here standing alone, on a doorstep oh so cold.
Like a single garden gnome, but with no hand left to hold.

I’m staring into the dark, but there’s no stars left to see.
Your eyes they have no spark, and it’s really hurting me.

It feels like the warmest rain, almost too good to be true.
In my eyes are only pain, why the piss on my shoe?

The dogs are out on tour, on a pissing trip from hell.
I miss you for sure, cause they pissed on you as well.

I’m not scared at all, cause the guy that owns my house.
Could simply make a call, get me a new and shiny spouse.

It really sounds so cold, but it’s actually true.
My heart was always sold, now it lies broken with you.

I was a garden gnome by day, a sweet lover all the night.
Now no reason to stay, I have definately lost this fight.

I wake up with a scream, all covered in the coldest sweat.
It was all a horrific dream, time to get out of my bed.

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